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About Chris


I am happily married to a beautiful model and future Constitutional lawyer, Stephanie Yuhas. I am grateful for her unconditional support for all of my goals and aspirations. I am a loved man.

I am 27 years young and in the final year of my Accounting and Finance degree, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, at American Intercontinental University, and maintaining my status on the Dean’s List. Upon completion of this degree I intend to study the Austrian perspective of economics and politics, from Ludwig Von Mises Institute, full time versus my current part time dedication.

I became very involved in economics and politics due to the recent economic crisis in America. I began to read traditional media and watch what news casts I could make time for, which is a complete waste of time due to the severe distortion and omission of fact. I continued searching. I then met a person who asked if I had seen the Obama Deception, an Alex Jones film. After watching the video I was floored and my world turned upside down from the raw truth and frightening facts disclosed in the video. I challenge anyone to fight the facts disclosed on the video.

Becoming very alarmed that I was in the middle of history in the making; the fall of our Constitutional Republic, I made a commitment to become aware, become involved, for not only my wife and family, but also my future children as they will be heavily affected by decisions made today.

I then one day watched a Youtube video about failed monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and irresponsible fiscal policy of Congress, from an OB/GYN turned Congressman, named Ron Paul. I could not believe my ears. His words of reason and strict adherence to the Constitution, rang so true to me, that I instantly became aligned with his true Republican Conservatism. Nowadays we call them Libertarians, they who stand by the moral platform of the Constitution and always protect a persons Bill of Rights, strive for limited sized government, and the party who wants to legalize Capitalism.

My involvement in politics may one day allow me to run for public office, as we truly need more politicians who understand that that are mere public servants and not above the law. Only time will tell but as for now I am very content with helping people in sports fitness and nutrition.


Aside from my involvement in the study of economics and politics in the Misesean perspective, I am also involved in sports fitness and nutrition. I formerly played competitive ice hockey for over 12 years, and also did competitive bodybuilding for a couple as well. I kicked off my passion for fitness the first time I ever saw an ice hockey game back in 1988 where the LA Kings faced off against the Detroit Red Wings. The sport was so inspiring for me that I decided to play that same year. Over 12 years of playing competitive in almost every state of our country, every province of Canada, and even international, I earned many Defensemen MVP awards, Playmaker Awards, Team Gold Medals at tournaments, playing with guys like Ryan Hollweg who now is an up and coming forward on the New York Rangers professional ice hockey team.

After a good 12 year run of ice hockey I needed another extreme sport to quench my competitive thirst. I found bodybuilding. Bodybuilding honed in my nutritional skills to the point where local members of my gym wanted me to train them and write their diets as well. I am a person who loves to help people with their nutrition as there is so much hype out there today. I enjoy being the person that many rely on to achieve their fitness goals. It’s an honor being able to share my perspective of fitness and nutrition for people from many different sports I’ve participated in.


That is a snapshot of my life. The last thing I want anyone reading this blog to know about me, and being the most important of my moral influence, is that I fully believe in the Austrian school, proudly display their crest, and live by the motto every day:

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.


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